Bear Canyon CrossFit – WOD

Handstand Walk (Every 2:00 for 5 sets:
Accumulate :30 of work, rest remainder.

The Square Handstand Walk
Freestanding Handstand Plate Walks
Level 2 and Masters 55+:
Handstand Plate Walks (Wall Supported)
Level 1:
Box Plate Walks)

“Domino” (4 Rounds for reps)

4 Sets of the following:

3:30 minutes On : 1:00 minutes Rest

3 Wall Walks

15/12 Calorie Row

2 Wall Walks

15 Toes to Bar

1 Wall Walk

Max Alternating Dumbbell Hang Snatch @ 50/35lb

RPE: 8/10


15ft (5m) Handstand Walk

Dumbbell @ 70/50lb, (32/22kg)

Level 2:

Dumbbell 35/25lb, (16/12kg)

Alternating Toe to Bar

Level 1:

12/9 Cal Row

Strict Knee Raises

Dumbbell 25/15lb, (12/7kg)

Box Wall Walk

Masters 55+:

Dumbbell 35/25lb, (16/12kg)
**Score is snatch reps for each round-keep track**