Bear Canyon CrossFit – WOD

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2min Row or Bike

Increase pace every 30 seconds


Banded Activation


Take 5mins to Build to 50% of your best Back Squat


Warm up/ Building sets

5 reps @ 50%

4 reps @ 60%

2 reps @ 75%

-then start the 15min clock-


Back Squat

A) Back Squat

Take 15mins to find a 1RM

Take 2:30-3mins of rest between sets. This is NOT for time, enjoy the rest and make smart jumps.

-3min rest before going into part B-

Back Squat

B) Back Squat

1 AMRAP set @ 30×1 Tempo

@ 80% of A

*Note: Avoid pausing longer than 1 second at the top.


50 Cal AB For Time (Time)

For Time

50 Cal AB

50 Cal Row For Time (Time)

For Time

50 Cal Row

50 Burpees For Time (Time)

For Time

50 Bar Facing Burpees

Scale this to No Push Up Burpees to keep the effort high if the push up is a limiting factor.

Log this as RX+ if you did normal burpees. If you do no push up burpees then mark RX.

Class Notes

Why is the back squat beneficial?

The back squat is the cornerstone movement in functional fitness. All things revolve around the back squat 1RM. When able and repeatable at high levels of intensity, it signifies optimal readiness and confidence.

The back-squat test also reveals any issues in a pattern of movement that is highly used in competitive functional fitness; in the squat pattern, thruster, wall ball, AirBike, jerk, push press, step up, step overs, rowing, running uphill, etc.


Which ever station you have will be your calorie test, so choose wisely.

Once you finish the calories, rest the full 5 minutes then go into the Burpees. If you push those cals, you will need the rest.

Time cap is 18mins including rest. Figure out the time for both.

Both of these workouts are “full send” so push through the suck!