Bear Canyon CrossFit – WOD

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Clean Seg. Pull

A) Segmented Clean Pulls

Every 2 Minutes x 6 sets

5 reps

2 second pause in each position

Below the knee & Mid-thigh

Build from 85% of best clean

Drop & reset after each rep


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

13min AMRAP

50 DU

10 Pull Ups

20 Alt Hang DB Snatch

Duration: Medium

Feel: Control

Pacing: Reach

Scaled: 75 Single Unders, Ring Rows/ Body Rows, 25/15

RX: Pull Ups, 35/25

RX+: C2B Pull Ups, 50/35

Accessory work

3 Sets

10 SL DB RDL (each leg)

12 Alt DB Reverse Lunges