Thursday 10/31 which is Halloween we will not have have Classes at 5:30pm/6:30pm!!!
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Bear Canyon CrossFit – WOD

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Trainers Choice (No Measure)


Front Squat (4×6)

Front Squat

4×6 @ 77.5%


Spend extra time mobilizing your front rack and T-spine to ensure you can sit straight down. Your strength isn’t the reason you can’t front squat more, your positioning is. Use these sets to work on that.


Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

3min. AMRAP:

3 Hang Power Cleans 135/95

6 Push-Ups

9 Air Squats

Rest 1min. x 5 Rounds:

Round 2: 145/100

Round 3: 155/105

Round 4: 165/110

Round 5: 175/115

– A climbing version of “chief”

– Start where you left off for scoring

Extra Credit

Metcon (Calories)

AMRAP 3:00 x 3

Max Calorie Ski/ROW

Rest 2:00

Shoot for negative splits on these, meaning more calories each round. The easiest way to do this is to hold one pace on round 1, then hold the same pace on round 2 but speed up for the last :30 or so, and then do the same thing on round 3 speeding up for the last 1:00.