Bear Canyon CrossFit – WOD

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Push Press

Every 90 sec x 4 Sets (36mins)

1: 10 Push Press @ 30×1 Tempo

2: 20 Renegade Rows (L+R=2)

3: 60 sec Row or Bike @ 85% of Aerobic Pace

4: 8-10 Banded Strict Chin Ups @ 30×1 Tempo

5: 10-15 Def. Hand Release Push Ups @ 30×1 Tempo

6: 60 sec Row or Bike @ 85% of Aerobic Pace

-1 Movement per 90 sec interval.

-You should be able t finish the movement with 30 seconds to spare to account for transition.

-Build small each set on the Push Press (light-moderate)

-Maintain the tempos on all the movements!

-Chin up grip is supinated

-Make sure the band goes across the squat rack, not the top of the bar.


Digit 1 Represents the Eccentric

Digit 2 Represents the Isometric Bottom

Digit 3 Represents the Concentric (sometimes its an “X”)

Digit 4 Represents the Isometric Top

Duration: Long

Feel: Control: Remain present during the whole workout.

You should be able to walk away and only be just slightly out of breath.

Your lung capacity should dictate your pace.

Pacing: Sustain: Focus on repeatability, staying present in the workout at all times.


B) 4 Sets

30 sec DB Pressing Flutter Kicks (single DB)

-15 sec rest-

30 sec Reverse Plank Hold

-15 sec rest-

Don’t skip this, it is a part of class!

Accessory work

Renegade Row (NO PUSH UPS on these Rows)