Bear Canyon CrossFit – WOD

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Metcon (No Measure)

Every 2.5 mins for 4 rounds 42 reps per round. then rest 90 seconds.

7x DB Sldl

7x DB Courtsey Lunge

7xDB Lunge

*all on the same side as a super set then switch sides.

7,7,7, on left then 7,7,7, on right then rest. Weight will be in the opposite hand of the working leg.

REST :90 after each set of both legs

rest 2 mins

8 Min EMOM

1) 12 x HEAVY DB flat bench Clevage cutters

2)12x Single DB OH TRI Ext

rest 2 Mins

7 Min AMRAP w/Empty barbell

50 Good Mornings

50 Bent Over Row

50 Reverse Curl

50 Shoulder Press

rest 2 mins

3x 20 GHD situps into

20 GHD hip ext

alternative to GDH: weighted sit-ups and weight Hip Thrusters