THIS THURSDAY 8/24 – Free Bring a Friend Day (again WOO HOO) If you love CrossFit as much as we do you just gotta spread the love Bears! Healthy humans are happy humans, and happy humans don’t murder, isn’t that just awesome? So bring in your loved ones and help us reduce the pollution of anger in our city.

Bear Canyon CrossFit – SWEAT

Sweat WEDNESDAY (No Measure)


Bike and Core


7 Rounds:

1. 400 Meter run/row or 25/18 cals

29 Back Squats

2.400 Meter

29 Bench Press

3.400 meters

29 Glute Bridges

4.400 meters

29 Power Cleans

5. 400 Meters

29 Thrusters

6. 400 Meters

29 deadlifts

7. 400 Meters

29 Push Press

Buy out:

50 GHD