Bear Canyon CrossFit – SWEAT

Warm-up (No Measure)


1.Jumping Jacks

2.Front Lunges

3.Back Lunges

4.Air Squats


6. Down Dog to Plank

7. Mountain Climbers

8. Plank scissors

9. Plank Hold

10. Sit -ups


36min Time Cap

6 rounds…….

25/20cal Row or Run 200M

20 GHD or PVC Sit Up or Weighted SU

Then … in remaining time EMOM of

Option1: Odd-Fr Squat 135/95

Even- Top of Deadlift Hold

Option2: Odd-Bench Press 115/75

Even- Dead Hang fr Pull Up Bar

*Choose your own adventure, mix & match to suite your fancy

**Partner up for extra credit!

Finisher: 4min AMRAP

Max Dual KB Press to Lunge

*see if you can go without setting the KBs down