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Happy Birthday to Tahni Gatlin!

Bear Canyon CrossFit – WOD

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A1) Sumo Deadlifts

10-12 reps @ 3131 Tempo

-20 sec rest-

A2) Cyclist Squats (Elevate heels on 2-4 inch surface)

12-15 reps @ 30×1 Tempo

-20 sec rest-

A3) Weight Sit Ups + Press Overhead

12-15 reps

*Note: if weight is to challenging, hold PVC overhead.

-90 sec rest-

x 5 sets



3 sets

12 Single Leg Elevated Glute Bridges L/R

20 Seated Leg Lifts Over Objects

Accessory work

Sumo Deadlift with DB:

Cyclist Squat:

*Note: load however seems fit.

Weighted Sit Up + Press Overhead:

Single Leg Elevated Glute Bridged:

Seated Leg Lift Over Object: