How I was introduced to CrossFit: A friend that I do personal training with said that I’d love it because of my love for lifting weights. 

If I never had to do this one exercise ever again, It would be awesome: Running! I hate running more than anything on this earth. I would rather do 3000 burpies than run 1 mile.

If I had to program my own WOD, it would be: Squats, squats, and more squats. (yay)

A little about Shanda : I’ve been a pediatric hematology/oncology nurse for 10 years and feel like caring for kids with cancer has really made me realize how much petty things don’t matter and how important it is to appreciate your health and your family. 

I have three kids ages 1, 4, and 15 who, for the most part, make me feel like I’m hostage negotiating with a band of drunken bi-polar pirates and strangely, I love it! I’m obsessed with those little pirates of mine! 

I recently got my Master’s degree in nursing and plan on starting school for my doctorate soon. I love eating, relaxing on a beach with a strong drink, pool bars, playing craps, skiing, fantasy football, the Cowboys, and shooting potato guns with my friends. I dream of sitting on the back of a truck by a river while listening to country music, drinking tequila, and playing in the water with good company…

My proudest accomplishment is my kids. My uterus did a damn good job making those little nuggets! 

Favorite cheat meal/food is: Chips and queso!!!

What is your favorite type of music to workout to?: Old school rock! AC/DC.

What I love about Bear Canyon Crossfit: I love the people! It feels like a little family that you look forward to seeing every day!