THIS SATURDAY 9/30 IS OUR 8 YEAR BCCF BDAY PARTY!!! Healthy behaviors are contagious, and detrimental behaviors are also contagious. The world’s longest-lived people “curate” social circles around themselves that support healthy behaviors. SO JOIN YOUR HEALTHY COMMUNITY OF BEARS THIS WEEKEND AND LET’S BRING A LITTLE LIGHT INTO EACH OTHER’S LIVES

Bear Canyon CrossFit – Savage Saturdays

8 Years Here (Time)

For time with a partner:

Buy in: run the loop or 2023m row


300 Double-Unders

100 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)

80 push ups

60 Box jump overs(24/20)

40 GHD or V-Ups

20 HSPUs

10 Bear Complex’s(135/95 )

40 minute timecap.