Bear Canyon CrossFit – WOD

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Partner Wod

Marks Finale. “Hero’s Get Remembered but Legends Never Die”.


1 Round:

Row 300m Bike 15 Cal

20x Kips

20 Ring Rows.

Empty Barbell

5x DL>muscle Clean >front squat > press> (back rack) good mornings> back squat> OHS

Metcon (Time)

“The Good Decision Train”

50 Min Time Cap

1 person work/ 1 person Rest

1000m Row/ 80 Cal

50 DL 315/175

50 Burpee OTB

1000m Row/ 80 Cal

40 PC 225/155

40 CTB

1000m Row/ 80 Cal

30 S2OH 185/125

30 Devil Press 50/35

Remaining Time:

Lungesters 95/65

Scale accordingly.
Split Evenly, Try to go a little heavier for the lifts or youll spend more time doing lungesters.