When did you start at BCCF ? November 2015

Why did you choose BCCF ? I knew Mark through a friend; I came to check it out one day and loved how big and clean it was, and everyone was so nice and inviting, which was so different from traditional gyms.

What do you like best about BCCF ? The coaches! They do a great job of both teaching and  pushing you to work hard, while keeping you safe and injury free. They are all so knowledgeable but also friendly and make it a fun environment

What are your future CrossFit goals? Continue to work on my weaknesses and gymnasty movements and compete at the RX level

What do you feel is your greatest CrossFit accomplishment, and how has BCCF helped you achieve this?  Winning 1st place at the in-house comp in December; this was exactly a year after I started and it was amazing to see the progress I made from staying consistent and pushing myself past my comfort zone.