Bear Canyon CrossFit – WOD

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Trainers Choice (No Measure)


Back Squat (5×5)

5×5 @85- 90% 5RM



Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP 12 Minutes

8 Thrusters 115/75lbs

10 Toes to Bar

12 Box Jumps 24/20″

Consider keeping the Thrusters unbroken throughout the entire piece. Break the TTB as needed and choose a maintainable pace on the Box Jumps. Going hard on all movements will lead to a blow up early on.

*More Options:

Less weight on Thrusters

Sit Ups instead of Toes to Bar
Scale Accordingly

Extra Credit

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

AMRAP 8 Minutes

10 KB Goblet Squats 70-53

40 Double Unders

Small sets and a short time domain means this will be a test of toughness and who is willing to transition quickly and keep going.