Hey Bears! The new year is coming so what better way to kick off the new year by taking care of your body through stretching and mobility!  This month we have a slight twist on everyone’s favorite, a variation on pigeon stretch, and probably my favorite one.  This stretch allows the deepest stretch without any limitations or ways of cheating the overall position.  It’s very easy and all you need is a stationary object to complete the stretch.  

-First you will find a spot next to an upright on the rig. 

– From here you will want to lay on you back with the upright close to your hip.  Whichever hip is furthest from the upright will be the hip we are stretching.  –

-We will want to fold at the hip and bend the knee, placing our outside foot on the upright in a supine position.  

-Once the foot is in place begin to slide down against the stretch, this will deepen the stretch.  

Go until you feel comfortable and try to keep the small of you back as flat as possible on the floor.  This will help to maintain the deepest stretch possible, if you are looking to change the stretch into other muscle groups closer to the hip- all you have to do is push down on the knee making your leg as perpendicular to your torso as possible, this will help get different muscles.  Keep up the good work and head into the new year learning from the mistakes you made this past year. Growth is a part of life and good news is that we can all continue to grow and become the best versions of ourselves.  Happy New Year Bears!