Hey bears! For mobility this month, we want to focus on ways to open up the mid, and lower back.The stretch we are using helps with rotation in the thoracic as well as the lumbar region. This is where most of the pain happens after an extensive deadlift, clean, or snatch workout. By doing this stretch we are hoping to alleviate some of the pressure put on our lower back, as well as maintaining rotation. This stretch can be done alone or with a partner to help give you a slightly deeper stretch.  

*To start you will be laying on your back, pull the desired knee to the chest and bring it across the body at a 90-degree angle.  The higher the knee the lower the stretch will occur in your back.  From this position you will bring the palms of your hands together, trace your bottom arm with your top arm, go across the chest and bring the back of the hand to the floor.  

You will then follow the same pathway to the back to the starting position.  With the use of the partner they will make sure your legs hold in place by pinning your knee to the floor and gently trying to flatten the shoulder when full rotation has occurred.  

This is a great stretch pre- or post-workout but it will not completely alleviate any pain in your lower back.  This is more of a maintenance stretch to prevent future back pain.  Keep up the good work, and take care of your body!