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Bear Canyon CrossFit – Open Gym

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Warm Up

40-20 1 round

1. Side Jumps

2. Quick Feet

3. Air Squats

4. Jumping Jacks

5. Squat to Walk


7. Squat High Knee

8. Side Lunges

9.Front Lunge

10.Back Lunge

40/20 x 3 rounds

1. Squat to Bear Crawl out and in

2. Jump Squat Crawl

3. Reverse Burpess

4.Lunge Front, Lunge Behind, Lunge Back

5. Elevated Back Lunge right

6. Elevated Back Lunge Left

7. Elevated heels Close feet together Squat

8. Push-Up Hand Straight out

9.Pike to Toe Touch alternating reach

10. Mountain Climbers

11. Mount Everest

12. Burpee to a Squat