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Bear Canyon CrossFit – Open Gym

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Warm Up:

7 Minutes / 1 Rounds

KB Around the body

KB Press left

KB Press Right

High Knees

Jumping Jacks

Lunge Jump

Squat Shuffle

Workout: x3 Rounds

1. KB Swing – Russian

2. KB Swing left arm

3. KB Swing Right arm

4. KB High Pull

5. KB One hand/ switch

6. KB Squat

7. KB Over Head Lunge Left

8. KB Over Head Lunge Right

9. KB Tall Knee Press – Left

10. KB Tall Knee Press- Right

11. KB Deadlift – Right

12. KB Deadlift – Left

CORE: x 2 rounds

KB left hand up/ right hand side oblique work

KB right hand up/ Left hand side oblique work

KB Sit-up

KB Windmill Right

KB Windmill Left