Happy Birthday to Curtis P. and Gardon T.!!

Bear Canyon CrossFit – Open Gym

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Warm up x2 rounds

Jump Rope -1 minute

Air Squats – 1 minute

Workout 40/20 x 3 rounds

1. Jumping Jacks

2. Lunge Pump Switch

3. Slap Jump

4. Sumo Hop- back and forth

5. Surfer Squats

6. Push-Up Cross Touch with hand

7. Plank hold hand to elbow

8. Chatarunga

9. Bulgarian Squats- Left leg with weights

10. Bulgarian Squats- Right leg with weights

11. Deadlift one leg Right – use a DB or KB

12. Deadlift one leg Left – use with DB or KB

Core: 2 rounds

Wall sits

Wall sits weights over head

Wall Sits knees in and out

Wall Sits legs in and out

Wall Sits with weighted curls