THURSDAY October 12th is Free Bring a Friend Day!!!

We’re having a Halloween party bears! Please join us on Saturday October 28th for a fun-filled SPOOKY COSTUME WORKOUT . . . more details to come

ATTENTION BEARS! On Friday October 20th the LAST CLASS OF THE DAY WILL BE 11:30am to accommodate Autumn Games

Bear Canyon CrossFit – Legends

Strength (Weight)

Superset for 5 rounds:

10 Banded tricep pull-downs

directly into

10 DB hammer curls
*rest as needed between sets*

“Without Me” (AMRAP – Rounds) (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Every 7 mins for 21 mins:

8 DB hang power snatches

15/10 Band assisted push ups

400/350m Row

8 DB hang power snatches