Crossfit L1 

Why CrossFit?: So many reasons. The challenge. I grew up playing sports and being competitive, so CrossFit allows a me to somewhat keep competing. Whether that’s against others or myself. And, the heathy lifestyle that comes along with it. The community, and friends I’ve made along the way that will stick for a lifetime. 

Background: Played sports all through my years. But never really was into real “fitness” until I started CrossFit 9 years ago.  Out of the fire academy I joined sports and wellness. That was my first time in a gym at 22 years old. Did the globe gym stuff till I found CrossFit. 

Worst movement as a Master: Tons. Mainly the Overhead position. Not a fan. Box step ups also bad for my old worn down knees. 

Best workout: I would say Bradshaw. Perfect movements and rep scheme. Favorite is holleyman 

When not at Bear : I can be found at work, or with my kiddos. Maybe riding my bike if I can find the free time. 

New Coach advice: be passionate about it. Learn it. Do extra research. Find multiple ways to break down and explain movements. 

What Athletes can expect from Coach Jon: I’m not really a good cheerleading coach. More Of the “pick up the bar and go” kinda coach. I need to get better at cheerleading.