How I was introduced to CrossFit:

My wife and I tried Cantina CrossFit many years ago (back when they were next to Papa Murphy’s) to see what it was all about. Didn’t click with us and we threw in the towel after a week or two. Fast forward to this past summer, I was looking for something different from the normal gym routine and a place that had early-morning classes to fit my schedule. I’ve driven by BCCF many times and decided to give it a shot. I’ve been hooked ever since.

If I never had to do this one exercise ever again, I would be stoked:

Box jumps of any variety. I’ve seen too many YouTube videos of box jump failures to make that exercise enjoyable.

If I had to make up my own WOD, it would be:

3 minutes single unders


Power snatches

Russian kettlebell swings

Ab-mat situps

3 minutes single unders

Tell us a little about yourself (family, job, hobbies, etc.):

I am originally from Philadelphia and moved to Albuquerque about 7 years ago for work as an engineer. My wife and I have a beautiful daughter that is 14 months old. She keeps us both pretty busy, but in my spare time I play ice hockey in a local rec league. I also enjoy playing golf and swimming, especially open water swimming (not a lot of options in NM, so I travel to get my fix). An avid sports fan, I follow my hometown teams (Flyers/Phillies/Eagles) as well as my alma mater, the Purdue Boilermakers.

My proudest accomplishment is (doesn’t have to be CF related):

My daughter. As for fitness accomplishments, I swam a 5K race in Lake George and podiumed in my division.

My favorite cheat meal/food is:

Ham and cheese hoagie with a Philly soft pretzel for dessert

What is your favorite song to workout to?:

Anything 90’s alternative/grunge, Metallica or Pepper

What I love about Bear Canyon CrossFit:

Everyone at BCCF has been so welcoming and so helpful. From the owners, to the coaches, to the athletes I sweat beside during workouts, just a really good group of people. Waking up early to get your butt kicked is rough, but BCCF makes it enjoyable.