We are still operating under some restrictions, so we thank you again for your cooperation and flexibility as we continue to navigate this new structure. As we have mentioned before, we remain open to your feedback and we anticipate that we will be making constant adjustments to the schedule as things continue to change.  We will be running a tentative schedule that we may change depending on circumstances, allowing up to 20 athletes into the gym at any given time for 75-minute blocks. These 75 minute blocks give each member time before and after class to clean and sanitize station. We will have a coach on staff at all times to answer questions and offer feedback during your workout. Here are the details of our COVID set up:

  • Reservations will open up 36 hours before class time. At first, you’ll need to set the alarm on what time you want to come to classes to get your spot. 
    With this, we don’t have to race to the gym or hope there’s space but then get turned away. 

    When you’ve reserved, if you’re not going to make it, please cancel an hour before for others to get involved. When you join the waitlist, it will be first come, first served. Whoever reserved first on the waitlist will automatically be put in. If you’re 100% positive you’ll make it, you can book and sign into class, but we ask that when you do come to class, you hit the sign-in button on your app to track your workouts. There are designated stations with everything that you will need. There will be 12 boy stations and 8 girl stations.  You will be required to use what you have at your station.

*If you haven’t downloaded the Wodify athlete’s app, click HERE to download it. 

The solution we’ve come up with in starting this is to create a smoother way of getting yourself into the gym. 

  • Open Gym is 1-3pm. Same rules apply you’ll just be allowed to work at your station with what you have.
  • You will be given a new towel and have your temperature checked once you walk in. Use that towel to sanitize and then as you leave class put it in the hamper to be cleaned.
  • Please immediately use our sanitizing station and/or wash your hands upon entry. 
  • Sanitize your equipment and work area before and after your workout. There will be plenty of disinfectant provided.
  • Please wear a mask into the gym and out of the gym. This is per government recommendations. However, we are going to allow you to remove your mask for your warm-up and workout.
  • Please be prepared to be walking out of the gym at the 75-minute time block. This means completing your warm-up, workout, cool-down, and sanitizing your area all within that 75-minute block of time. 
  • Please sanitize and/or wash your hands on your way out of the gym.
  • You can still leave your bag etc. in the athlete area. Please be courteous of other members and stay 6ft away when you go up there.
  • If you need to use restroom, please just keep the six-foot distance while waiting in line if needed.
  • If you have any symptoms of illness you will kindly be asked to leave the facility. Please be smart and respectful about this and if you’re experiencing any symptoms of illness do not come to the gym.
  • We will have childcare. There will not be any toys, kids must wear masks, and stay in their designated section. They will be allowed to bring own chalk and be outside, otherwise they will be watching a movie in cub cave. We will take temperatures of kids and there will be a wavier required.
  • For your safety, there will be no community chalk provided at this time.
  • Please bring your bucket to class every time you come, we will be handing out the buckets to you on day one with chalk, counters, sanitizer, and dry erase markers.

We understand that this temporary structure is less than ideal. At the very least we’re excited to have everyone back in the gym and we hope you are too! Thanks again for your ongoing support, flexibility and understanding.