This week’s mobility focuses on the front rack position.  It does so by addressing a major problem in the chain which is the lats.  When your lats are tight it becomes very hard to maintain the proper front rack position.  With this stretch you will help your lats relax which will make it much easier to keep your elbows high and a full grip on the bar.  

For this mobility all you need is a band and a pull-up bar to place the band on, you will have your back to the rig, and start with the band just above the point of your elbow.  The elbow will go overhead or to 12 o’clock.  You will want to focus on your core being tight and the palm of the hand facing the ceiling.  Hold this position to let the shoulders open up by stretching the lat. If you need any help come, ask a coach this is one of the best lat stretches you can do!