Happy Birthday to Hannah G.!!

Bear Canyon CrossFit – Hibernation WOD

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Trainers Choice (No Measure)


Get Heart Rate Up


Metcon (Time)

For Time

1,000 Box Step-Ups (20 in)

Wear a Ruck Pack (45/35 lb)

Options for Ruck pack

Grab your kids Backpack and throw some books in there

Grab two pillow cases put books in, tie together and over shoulder

Use the weights you got from gym

Don’t use any weight

Wear weight vest


A box

A bench

Find something to step on

A chair, a bench at park,

A side table

Railroad ties

An upside down bucket

A planter wall

2 milk crates upside down

Stairs at yours house just do two or three to the point when your leg in on stair its a perfect lunge

if you don’t have anything do Lunges then (gross)

Have fun…working the booty

Post time and what you did in comments

*scaling options lower # of step ups or lunges

Extra Credit

Metcon (No Measure)


Seated DB Strict Press…or odd object like a paint bucket