Fitness Programs


Come join us in for a fun, challenging, results-oriented workout, tailored to meet your individual needs. All CrossFit memberships also include Strongman, Sweat and Yoga classes.


Take your fitness to a new level with a full body workout. This one hour class is guaranteed to increase your cardio endurance. If you’ve never tried Sweat before, grab 5 classes now for $35.


This class will help you maintain your independence, improve physical and emotional health, and build mental fortitude and resilience. It’s a great way to stay active and be part of a health-focused group.


Brand new to CrossFit? This is perfect for you. Choose from 3 or 5 private 75-minute sessions that will teach you all of the basics. This is great way to get comfortable with CrossFit before joining our regular classes. 


One-on-one coaching is an amazingly effective way to achieve your fitness goals. If you’re interested in working with one of our coaches, contact us today for pricing & packages.

start your fitness journey today.