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Dylan is from Albuquerque, born and raised. His favorite cheat meal is pizza and Oreos or doughnuts. He competes in GRID and hopes to join a pro-team for the NPGL. Dylan got introduced into CrossFit while training for the NAVY. He started off doing SEALfit, then when returning home used it to push himself and to see how far he can take his mind and body.

What Dylan has learned about CrossFit
CrossFit has taught Dylan that his body and mind can do whatever it wants if you are willing to put in the work to get there.

What Dylan wants people to know about CrossFit
CrossFit is for everyone, professional athletes to the never exercised before. Anyone can do it, and it can change your life.

Favorite lift in CrossFit Heavy Thruster

Least favorite lift in CrossFit
Bench Press

Favorite WOD movement
Muscle Ups

Least favorite WOD movement