This month’s mobility we again will focus upper body and lower body.  For the upper body our main focus will be triceps.  Many crossfiters often have shoulder problems, whenever shoulder problems are present we can’t rule out the tricep being the actual issue site.  The double lacrosse ball will be needed for this mobility exercise.  We will want to focus on the insertion point of the tricep, this is located right below the posterior deltoid.  From here we will lay on our arm similar to how we would take a nap using our arm as a pillow, as pain starts to subside we will begin to make our way down towards the elbow. By mashing the tricep we should see good results for any shoulder pain that could be occurring.  

For the lower body mobility, we will focus on the hip flexors, for this we again need a lacrosse ball as well as a wall or bench.  We will first be lying face down on the floor with our knee bent, this will allow us to really dig into the upper thigh as well as the flexors themselves.  We want to focus on keeping all of our weight on the ball while moving in a side to side motion.  After we roll out on the lacrosse ball we will then go into a lung position pushing our hips forward to allow our flexors a maximal stretch and recovery from all that we do on a daily basis.  

If you need any help, ask a coach! Keeping up with daily maintenance is extremely important, it will prepare you for the upcoming open and keep you healthy! Good luck bears!