For this knowledge bomb, we are working on a skill that doesn’t get practiced very often, but is still an important movement during CrossFit regionals and the CrossFit Games.  Rope climbs are a complicated movement that require a lot of strength, core stability, and a high cardio capacity.  There are few ways to climb the ropes and we are going to discuss the most popular methods. 

The first method is the S-wrap; it is slower of the two but it has better foot security.  This is usually the method taught for those just starting on the rope. In this method the climber would wrap their leg around the rope a full 360 degrees so that the rope is cork screwed around the climber’s lower leg and draped over the shoelaces of the base leg.  The climber would then step the free foot on top of the base foot clamping the rope between the feet. To ascend you raise your legs up pushing your heels away from the body and stand to re-wrap in the proper posture. Unfortunately, with this type of rope climb has the worst decent because of the rope security when descending it creates a ton of friction on the inside of the thigh.  

The second method is the J-wrap; it is the faster of the two methods but with the speed you sacrifice the foot security.  This is definitely created for those that have more experience with CrossFit.  This method utilizes the bend in the rope to create a J shape and somewhat of a stirrup that the foot rests on while the other foot provides a side clamp to hold the rope in place. The only downside to this method is that the grip strength goes pretty quickly due to lack of contact with the rope and the leverage you use.  To ascend the rope, you do a knees-to-elbow then lock the feet back into place, from there you stand bringing your hands up with it. 

This is a brief summary of how to do two complicated movements the best way to learn is through practice, ask a coach on what method would be best for you and start climbing!!