Why CrossFit Kids?

At Bear Canyon, our coaches take the basic principles of CrossFit, and apply them in an age-appropriate way, focusing on neurological, cognitive and fine/gross motor development. We use skill practice, workouts and games to provide general fitness that will help to increase their abilities in all physical activities and sports. Each class is an hour long and include elements of gymnastics, weightlifting, bodyweight movements, running, jumping, teambuilding, sportsmanship and more!

Tuesday & Thursday
5:30 – 6:30pm
Last Saturday of the month
11:15am – 12:15pm

First class is always free! Come see what it’s about!

For more info, contact Coach Kristi or Coach Kelly

CF Kids Update December:

Due to the holidays this month, we will not be having classes on 12/24, 12/26 or 12/31.  We will have our Saturday class on January 4th!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to myself or Coach Reuben!  As always, thank you for letting us work with your kids and Happy Holidays!

Coach Kelly and Coach Reuben

Athlete of the Month

Our kid athlete of the month (AOTM) and spotlight goes to Liam Porter.  Liam is 9 years old and started doing CF Kids classes when he was 5 years old. Only 9 years old, Liam is one of our most experienced crossfitters in our kids program and it shows in his movements. His favorite movements are squats, kettle bell swings and jump rope (just watch how fast he is at jumping rope). He enjoys riding his bike and rock climbing in his free time. Liam says crossfit has helped him become stronger, more confident and have better grip strength for his rock climbing. Congratulations Liam! Keep up the great work!

 Crossfit Kids Coaches

Coach Kristy

Kristi has been part of our Crossfit community for a while. She began coaching crossfit in 2014 and quickly realized she wanted to be certified as a CF kids coach as well. A mom of two young girls, she strives to be a role model to them and enjoys teaching that fitness can be fun. She has taught CF for ~3 years and CF Kids for ~ 2 years and looks forward to joining the coaching staff at BCCF. She strives to maintain balance as a working full-time, being a mom and wife, and helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Coach Kelly

Kelly grew up on a farm in the Manzano Mountains. Her farm life taught her two things; 1. How to work. 2. She HATES snakes. Now a converted city girl, she loves convenient things like pizza delivery and Target runs. She is a High School Health Teacher and Prevention Coordinator. She is currently a stay-at-home mom, and cares for a few other kiddos.

What has Kelly learned from CF: CrossFit has taught Kelly to dig deep, always learn and always improve. One day, you can nail a lift, and two days later fight to get those reps. Always work hard and be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. It has taught her to be both humble and prideful in all she does.

What Kelly hopes others learn from CrossFit: CrossFit is for everyone! Age, gender, ability…none of that matters. Everyone starts at some point, and from there, improvements will be made. Just get in there and give it a try!

Favorite lift in CrossFit: Snatch

Least favorite lift in CrossFit: Deadlift

Favorite WOD movement: Box Jumps

Least favorite WOD movement: Burpees