Coach’s Corner: Mobility

Your Mobility Coach: Dominic Serna

DOMWOD: Triceps and Hip Flexors

This month’s mobility we again will focus upper body and lower body.  For the upper body our main focus will be triceps.  Many crossfiters often have shoulder problems, whenever shoulder problems are present we can’t rule out the tricep being the actual...

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Mobility Practice: DomWOD

With the holidays coming people try to get in and out of the gym as quick as they can, because of this they neglect the most important aspect of being active and involved in strength training, mobility. Mobility is a keystone strength training it can help with...

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Coach’s Corner: Hamstring Mobility

It’s that time again, with the new year rolling in, it is the perfect time to set up new habits to help us maintain great mobility and help us with recovery.  This month’s mobility we want to focus on the hamstrings, as well as shoulders to help improve the front...

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