BCCF Coaches

Amy Patton


Certifications: CFL – 2, CF Gymnastics, CF Adaptive, CF Scaling, Nutrition

I own, operate and coach at Bear Canyon because I think health and fitness are top priority in life. 


Certifications: CFL – 2, CF Strongman

I coach CrossFit because I love the people and community and the philosophy of CrossFit. Plus it works!

Chris Baldwin

Certification: CFL – 2

I coach CrossFit because I love helping people achieve a better version of themself than they ever thought was possible.

Eric glarborg

Certification: CFL – 2

I coach CrossFit because of the positive impact it has had on my life. I want to take what I know and what I have learned and help others to better their lives.

Sam Jaramillo

Certification: CFL – 2

Every time I step out onto the floor to coach a class, nothing else matters but the athletes in the room and giving them the best hour of their day. It brings me pure happiness to help others live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Casey Duree

Certifications: CFL -2, CF Weightlifting, CF Mobility 

I coach CrossFit because I love being involved with this amazing community and enjoy pushing people to reach goals that they never thought were imaginable. I want to help people learn that no matter their background, age or body type, they have control over their health.

Trent Johnston

Certification: CFL – 1

I coach because I want to help people on their fitness journey. Whether it’s a strategy tip on doing a WOD or a technique tip that will improve proficiency of a movement, I want to help athletes progress.

Jamie Benavidez

Certifications: CFL – 2, Percision Nutrition

I coach CrossFit to help other people discover the magical strength and positivity they keep inside themselves.


Certification: CFL – 1

I want to be a coach because I’ve personally experienced the positive impact of coaching when I started, and I want to inspire others to reach their full potential.

Kanani Harwood

Certification: CFL – 2

I coach because watching others progress and hit milestones is the ultimate cause for celebration. Coaching allows me to encourage growth by encouraging healthy discomfort!

Amity Livingston

Certifications: CFL – 1, USAWL-1

I have grown a lot through breaking boundaries I thought I had in myself. I coach to help show others they can push through theirs too.

Nicole Kauzlaric

Certifications: CFL-3, Certified CrossFit Trainer, CF Anatomy, NPTI Nutrition

With a holistic approach to well-being and fitness, I am dedicated to helping each individual reach their peak potential.

Coach Wes

Certification: CFL – 2

Through personalized coaching I aim help others find physical freedom through an active lifestyle, both in and out of the gym. Together we accomplish this by assessing where you are at now, discussing where you want to be, and developing a plan to get you there.

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