Bear Naked Transformation

Before and After

BNT Coaches

Amy Patton

Rebekah Fitzpatrick


I'd spent countless hours training (crossfit), running and lifting weights with no change whatsoever in my body composition. I then decided to try the BNT with Amy as my coach, To say things soon changed would be an understatement... Rueben Bravo

I've been into Nutrition for a few years now but could never seem to find something that worked for me and an accountability coach that would push me when I needed to be pushed! Amy did both, she helped me fit the BNT lifestyle into my daily life as well as gave me that extra push when I needed.... Miranda Blacknall

I knew I needed to change things up with my diet, working out wasn’t enough my body had reached a plateau I wasn’t gaining weight but I also was not losing weight. I was on a mission to get stronger, leaner and cut. But, I needed someone to hold me accountable to my goals. I had the pleasure of having Coach Rebekah by my side during the BNT challenge. She not only took the time to help me figure out... Irene Estrada