Tell is a little about yourself: 

I love any outdoors activities ( hiking, camping, bike riding, etc)Also, I like to go to the movies and travel. 

My proudest accomplishment is: 

Finally Double under. I can now string together a few double under in row.

If I never had to do this one exercise ever again, I would be stoked:

Butterflies and Chest to Bar Pull ups for sure!

 If I had to makeup my own workout, it would be:

Box Jumps I like any Wod that includes them. I find them dynamic and fun.

My favorite cheat meal is:

I absolutely love desserts. Freshly baked cookies and ice cream are my fave. 

Favorite song to workout to:

Anything fast and upbeat!

What I love about Bear Canyon Crossfit:

I love how experience and helpful our Bear Canyon coaches are. They are always motiving us to push ourselves to the limit. Bear Canyon coaches are the best!!!