1. How were you first introduced to CrossFit: 

I came to CrossFit because I had started doing Spartan races, and was sick and tired of taking stupid burpee penalties on the rope climb!  I started at Big Barn…and THEN I met Carly at (another gym) and she recruited me to BCCF. Evidently I will do some crazy stuff to get out of doing burpees.

2. If you never had to do this exercise again, it would be awesome.

Overhead squats. No, wait, airdyne bike. No-wait- overhead squats. 

3. If I had to make up my own WOD, it would be?  

I’m not making up WODs! Whatever Papa Bear programs is great! Super Fun! (nah…likely it would have back squats and maybe lots of jumping rope and ab mat sit-ups…)

4. Tell us a little about yourself (family, job, hobbies, etc) 

I have three older brothers- we like to say I was raised by wolves, the baby and the only girl. I spent my early years trying to keep up with them, which is why I don’t mind when the early class is a bro-sesh- plus me. I love my wolf pack so much, they are all amazing men. I have a degree in studio art, which is why I am really, really bad at Cross Fit math. I don’t have kiddos, but two fur babies- a rescue dog, Tucker, and a cat, Rocco. Free time is spent cooking, gardening, and before Covid- traveling for live music. 
Job- Senior HR Manager for Gap Inc. Which means they all stop talking when I get on the elevator at work. 

5. My proudest accomplishment is (doesn’t have to be CrossFit related). 

Probably blocking and tackling for my little momma, who had a head injury at 80, and now has Alzheimer’s. She’s in a facility, but I take care of her finances, medical care, etc.- she can no longer navigate. It’s an incredible honor to care for a parent the way they cared for us.

6. My favorite cheat/ indulgence meal food is?

Tacos and beer. And chocolate anything. 

7. What do you love about Bear Canyon CrossFit?

The coaches and the community. Coaches- because it doesn’t matter how long you have been at CF, they will always watch you like it is your first day- to give you feedback, or push you harder. It’s evident they care a great deal about our Bear family; keeping everyone strong/not getting injured, and just getting better, or  reaching out if we disappear for a week… they really care about everyone. Community- Everything from charity WODs, giving back/volunteering together, or even just how our Bear family supports each other and gives encouragement. I strongly believe we all have a responsibility to shine a light into this (sometimes dark and ugly) world, and BCCF does that in so many ways- with everyone it touches, in and out of the gym.

8. What would you tell a friend who wanted to try CrossFit?

It’s okay to be a little afraid or intimidated, as long as you don’t let that stop you. You might think CF is only for the young, or the incredibly fit- but a good coach will meet you where you are- and take you where you want to go, step by step. You are stronger than you think. They know this. You just have to trust them.

9. What has been your biggest accomplishment at Bear Canyon? 

This year I hit two goals I set- learning toes to bar, and working on increasing my DU’s. I also did our in-house competition (scaled- of course) to celebrate my 50th birthday…and yeah, coaches decided it would be fun to pair me up with a guy about 20 years younger than me!  We did not die, and we did not come in last. I call that a win. 

10. How has BCCF helped you during the Covid? 

Wow… well, I HOPE it has given me crazy-super-human strength and bullet proof immunity to this virus. Beyond that, it has absolutely kept me sane during an incredibly difficult time. I pulled Mom out of her assisted living in March, to quarantine with me at home for 2 months. There’s definitely some “heavy lifting” that comes with taking care of an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s, and those early morning workouts were my saving grace. BCCF makes you not only physically stronger- it makes you mentally stronger…just better equipped at handling the hard stuff life throws your way.