I was first introduced to CrossFit while part of a fitness group in college. I was a fan of the variety of workouts and the balance between movements that made me want to crawl in a hole and cry and others that only warrant shedding a tear or two. I had to take a break due to discovering that I had a very rare vascular disease (go big or go home). It was eventually well stabilized and got the point where working out functioned as a great form of pain management. I work now as a paramedic in Valencia County, which, as it turns out, is a fascinating place to practice medicine. I have a sweet dog who adores me, and I enjoy being outside in my free time. I am a huge fan of learning and sharing “dad jokes”.

Least favorite workout: If I never had to do lungsters again, I could die happy. 

If I got to design my own WOD: We would probably just run for a while, so I’m sure the majority of us are grateful for our current programming.

My proudest accomplishment is earning my bachelor’s degree, which I finished while working full time. 

My favorite cheat food: Breakfast burrito from Burritos Alinstante. 

My favorite music: to work out to is pretty much anything Carly picks, that woman is the Beethoven of CrossFit-appropriate playlists and stations

My favorite thing about BCCF is the community, particularly how encouraging and kind people are to one another, regardless of current fitness level. I think BCCF very much embodies the best of CrossFit.