Athlete of the Month

Matt & Beverly Richardson

Years prior, we had come to BCCF to participate in the Murph. We never committed to the CrossFit family due to other circumstances, but when Covid hit, we needed something for our son to help him mentally and physically. BCCF was the answer.

We don’t necessarily have an exercise we would avoid, but I (Beverly) hates a short workout and answering questions at the beginning of class. Lol
Matt, on the other hand, is not a fan of snatches due to his shoulder injury.

WOD of the day
Matt. Beverly
Air bike Run
Tire flip Tire flip
Sled. Sled
Sandbag toss Muscle-up
Push up Handstand push-up
Finish with toes to bar!!!!
AMRAP for 45 min – Yikes, BRUTAL

We have been married for over 23 years with two boys. Matt is the owner of Legacy Hardwood Flooring. Beverly has been in the dental field and fitness industry for over 20 years. We enjoy traveling, outdoor activities, and sharing our home with family and friends.

The most significant accomplishments are our relationship with one another, our children, and consistency at BCCF.

Cheat food pizza and M&Ms

We enjoy high temp music.

We love the community, encouragement, and coach’s at BCCF.

Anyone who wants to try Bear Canyon CrossFit needs to make the first step show up and commit to one month to see the benefits.

BCCF has helped our family during Covid by giving us what we call “Family Gym Time.”
Our son would be stuck at home with online school, and it was the one avenue that got him out of the house. In addition, this allowed us physical activity where we could work out together but at our level with or without a mask.
Bonus is wearing matching BCCF shirts!