Athletes of the Month

Minta & Michael Keller


I was introduced to CrossFit by Michael.
If I never had to do overhead squats, that would be great.
If I had to make up my own workout it would have running, cleans and burpees 
I’m married to my hero, have 3 kids and one coming August, we homeschool and work together on goals in the 4 areas of faith, knowledge, being a servant leaders in our community and taking care of our bodies. 

My proudest accomplishment is my marriage, but I’ll always be working to be the best wife and friend to Michael.

Biggest accomplishment at Bear Canyon is pushing through the physical challenges of pregnancy and continuing to come workout.

I love milk duds!!!

Favorite workout music- 80s and Christian.

I love all the cool people I get to meet and learn from at the gym. 

If I had a friend that wanted to try CrossFit I would tell them they can do it! That it could be just what they need like it has been for me.

Bear Canyon has helped me by encouraging me, providing consistent and safe workouts and supporting me and accepting me where I’m at. I feel safe to come as I am and then try to be just a little better every day when I’m there. 


How I was I  introduced to CrossFit: Project 9 CF at Maxwell AFB 

If I never had to do this one exercise ever again, I would be awesome: Handstand Push-ups 

If I had to make up my own WOD, it would be: 

For Time: 

200 Dubs 

100 Sit-ups 

80 air squats 

60 push ups 

40 Pistols 

20 C2B 

10 Snatches(155/105) 

5 RMU 

*EMOM starting at 0:00: 1 Rope climb 

Tell us a little about yourself (family, job, hobbies, etc) : Family: see Minta’s answer, Job:  USAF CV-22 Pilot, Hobbies: see family. 

My proudest accomplishment is (doesn’t have to be CF related): My family What has been your biggest accomplishment at Bear Canyon? PR Split Jerk