How I was introduced to CrossFit: 

KODA Crossfit in Oklahoma City, great box. If you are ever in OKC, 

drop in.

If I never had to do this one exercise ever again, It would be awesome:


If I had to makeup my own WOD, it would be:

Back squats, KB swings and rowing

Tell us a little about yourself (family, job, hobbies, etc) : 

Newly married to Betsy Hyde (5/2/2020), both originally from Oklahoma, healthcare executive, Westie mom and dad, love to ski, backpack and fly fish (Betsy is better at this than I am 😊)

My proudest accomplishment is (doesnt have to be CF related):

Marrying my wife and becoming a CEO.

What has been your biggest accomplishment at Bear Canyon? 

I officially became a morning person! Prior to BCCF, I had no desire or 

interest to get up in the mornings, but now it is a daily habit.

My favorite cheat/ indulgence- meal/food is:

The classic pizza and beer.

What is your favorite music to workout to?:

Hard/Alt Rock

What I love about Bear Canyon Crossfit:

BCCF is an amazing place. The community, the culture, support, and coaching are second to none. I appreciate the holistic approach and education regarding nutrition through the nutrition classes and challenges, which have helped me beyond the workouts. The workouts are important, but so is how you fuel your body, sleep, rest, hydrate, all of it, not just the WOD.

What would you tell a friend who wanted to try CrossFit?

Try it! The workouts are infinitely scalable and there is always a modification, plus you get a fantastic workout.

1How has BCCF helped you during the Covid? 

When things were shut down, the zoom workouts were great from a stress relief and consistency perspective, plus a bit of socialization. It is impressive how BCCF has been innovative and adapted to the ever-changing rules to abide by the governor’s orders and still provide athletes a safe space to workout. I’m in better shape and stronger now than pre-COVID and I owe that to BCCF. P.S. – and Betsy because she makes me get up and go!