How I was introduced to CrossFit: 

I was invited to come try out a class by Mark Travis, whom later would do my foundations, and thus started my love for the sport!  Addicted from the get-go!

If I never had to do this one exercise ever again, I would be awesome:


If I had to makeup my own WOD, it would be:

It would consist of and AMRAP of wall balls, pull-up’s, HSPU, and either power cleans or power snatching.

Tell us a little about yourself (family, job, hobbies, etc) :

I grew up in the small town of Carlsbad NM, where I graduated from high school there in 2005.  Moved immediately to Albuquerque where I attended UNM and studied Bio Chem.  Finished College in 2009, and began my profession in the wine industry, where I would become a certified Sommelier.  Now, my journey has led me to become the state sales manager for a wonderful brewery (Santa Fe Brewing Company) where I’ve now started my journey studying to becoming a cicerone.   

I have the best 2 little brothers a sister could ever ask for, my mom is my best friend, I have some amazing friends, and I have a pretty incredible dude that enjoys spending time with me, eating good foods, drinking amazing beers or wines, and just living life together.  I love to cook, watch movies, travel when we are able to again, snowboard, watch sports, I’ve just fell in love with bike riding that I hope to do more often, and of course my love for CrossFit continues to grow!  I love texting with the girls and working out together!  We all motivate one another and make class so much fun.  I continue to surprise myself by hitting new goals, accomplishing new movements I definitely couldn’t do 2 years ago, and growing stronger every day!   

My proudest accomplishment is (doesnt have to be CF related):

Gaining this job with Santa Fe Brewing Co. as state sales manager.  Without all my other professional accomplishments I wouldn’t have gotten this job with so much responsibility over a company that is super successful.  It’s awesome I get to be part of their story and growth now, and for the future.  

What has been your biggest accomplishment at Bear Canyon? 

Being Athlete of the month is a pretty big deal to me.  Also, all the weight I have lost in the 2 years I started is pretty awesome as well.

My favorite cheat/ indulgence- meal/food is:


What is your favorite music to workout to?:

Rock/Metal/Rap/EDM, pretty much anything but country.  I like country however, not to work out to. 

What I love about Bear Canyon CrossFit:

Shoot…where do I begin?!  The whole entire atmosphere is so welcoming, the people are wonderful, the coaches are the best in the city.  I love the owners and how much they care for all of us.  There is no way I could have become this strong and skilled at this sport if it wasn’t for all the people that work there to make Bear Canyon what it is today.  I’ve made the most amazing friends and met just flat out kind and good people. But we cannot forget how amazing they handled the pandemic and quarantine for us all.  To loan out equipment, to program hibernation WODs, to film Zoom classes for us.  If that isn’t the most incredible show of love for their community, I don’t know what is.  I appreciate this family so much! Thank You!

What would you tell a friend who wanted to try CrossFit?

I would let them know how beneficial CrossFit is not only for health, but also to teach discipline and to help set small goals and achieve them, which makes in manageable to apply that mentality to just life in general.  When you see results and start feeling good about how your physical appearance looks and how much better you feel from getting your wiggles out, your whole perception of life and challenges become easier to manage.  So great for mental health, or at least from my personal experience.

How has BCCF helped you during the Covid?

I think the most amazing thing is Bear Canyons way to deviate around this pandemic and keep us all active and exercising in a time when things are so abnormal for everyone.  It made it so much more special to come back after quarantine and get back to heavy lifting and rig work when for most of us we didn’t have things like that accessible to us during the shutdown.  It’s also wonderful how they are making sure everyone feels comfortable now with so many rules and regulations, and with so many different members and people’s points of views on what’s going on in the world, and so many different opinions we all come for the same reason and escape in a safe, clean environment the owners and coaches work so hard to have every day.  I’m forever grateful.