Bear Canyon CrossFit – Ass & Abs


1:30 each of

Rowing – Legs Only

Banded Wide Stance Good Mornings

Biking – Legs Only

Alternating Lunges


5 x 10

Back Rack Lunges 5/5 *HEAVY

Bulgarian Split DLs *barbell, start light build if form is perfect

2min Rest


4 Rds w/ Light KB

8 Sit Up + Russian Twist

16 Side Plank Hip Raise (each side)

16 Rock the Boat

8 Leg Raise to L Crunch


TABATA :40 Work :20 Rest

4min Each Combo straight thru

1. Double DB Swing to Fr Squat

Rest 2min

2. Plank Walk Out + Banded Plank Jack