Remember the last time you read a magazine cover that told you to eat more? I don’t! Ever since I can remember our culture has told us to eat less. 

Eat less processed food. 

Less fat. 

Less carbs. 

Less fun food…

While there can be value in this, I think the perspective is twisted. Especially when it comes to people who exercise (aka athletes).  As a dietitian, I see more athletes who under-consume than those who over-consume. We don’t eat enough

Enough fiber. 

Enough b-vitamins. 

Enough protein. 

Enough magnesium. 

Enough to fuel what we ask of our body. 

________________-400 = ______________
Insert your estimated daily calorie intakeSubtract 400, an average amount of calories burned during a 45 minute workout 
This is the amount of energy you have available for metabolism

If this is <1200 calories (women) <1500 (men) chances are you are too low! 

When we ask our body to do the WOD and all of the other things throughout the day on a low calorie budget, major parts of our metabolism suffer. For example, our metabolism slows down, we are less likely to build muscle/strength, our immune system is compromised, our mental focus isn’t as sharp as it could be, and more! 

What if instead of focusing on eating less, we focused on getting enough? If we focus on what our body needs, instead of what we “shouldn’t” eat, it brings a new, empowering perspective. This is the concept of “crowding out”. If we focus on eating 5-9 servings (cups) of fruits and veggies in a day, we will likely decrease how many processed foods we grab because we are feeling so full on produce! If we focus on eating adequate protein at meals, there is a good chance we will eat less of the nutrient void foods.

This month let’s forget about eating less, and move toward giving our body enough: