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Happy Wednesday


1 Minute of Jump Rope

1 Minute of Running is place

1 Minute of Side Jumping

1 Miniute of Lunges

1 Minute of Wide Squats

Workout 40/20

1. Pump Lunge

2. Kick Squat Kick Jump Squat

3.High Knees

4.Sumo Jump Squat

5.Push Press

6.Back Lunges

7. DB Flies

8. Plank Knees Bend Leg through

9. DB Thrusters

10. Devil Press

11. Quick Feet

12. DB Burpees to a squat

CORE: x 3 Rounds 40x 20

Side Crunch L

Side Crunch R

Marching Glute Bridges

Glute Raises

Glute Knee in and out