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Rob was born and raised in El Paso, Texas but grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has lived here for the majority part of his life with the exception of the five years he served in the United States Navy.

Intro to Cross Fit: I was introduced to Cross Fit in 2008. I had just moved to my first command duty station in Virginia. I went to a local Air Force Base gym, Langley Air Force Base and would always go to their functional fitness room. In this room they had all of the makings of a Cross Fit box including a whiteboard with WOD’s and people’s times. I had no idea what to make of the information. I later was introduced to a local Fighter Attack pilot who told me what Cross Fit was. I immediately looked up Cross Fit Main site and started learning more about what Cross Fit was. I later joined a local affiliate, “Cross Fit Hampton Roads,” and the rest is history.

I have learned that Cross Fit is a lot like life. Staying disciplined, dedicated, and motivated to train everyday has helped my Cross Fit and physical capacity. Life is the same way if you maintain these same rules you can develop your capacities in everything else.

I want to help people improve their general health and wellbeing using the Cross Fit methodologies.

Favorite Lift in Cross Fit: The Snatch.

Least Favorite Lift in Cross Fit: I like all of them…

Favorite WOD movement: HSPU’s.

Least Favorite WOD movement: Thrusters.

Favorite Cheat: Hamburgers.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Reading