CrossFit L1

Crossfit Aerobic Training

Crossfit Adaptive Training

Why CrossFit?: 

I started CrossFit about 6 years ago here in Albuquerque. I was looking for something different then just going to the gym and I knew some people around town that were really getting into it. I decided to try out a class at another affiliate and caught the “CF” bug!

Tell us about your fitness background: 

I grew up playing baseball and had a natural ability with running. I ran cross country and track (State Champs!!!) in high school. Since then, I have picked up playing soccer and currently an avid mountain biker. I also training for half-marathons from time to time. 

What’s your favorite CrossFit workout or exercise?: 

Nancy for workout and the Clean for single exercise

Least Favorite?: 

With my stocky build and wicked good looks, gymnastics and I do not make a good pair.

Where can we find you when you’re not at BCCF?: 

Outside! After that, you can take your pick…mountain biking, hiking, patios, brew spots, etc. 

Very important questions: favorite food, movie and band/music?: 

Food: Anything that involves meatballs

Movie: Depending on the day, either Shawshank Redemption or Mean Girls

Band/Music: Chill House Radio on Pandora

Let’s hear three random facts about you:

  1. I have two dogs: Daisy and Theo
  2. I’ve hiked/climbed 7 peaks in Colorado that are over 14,000ft in elevation (and plan to do more)
  3. I have never seen an episode of the Sopranos

What can BCCF athletes expect from you as a coach?:

I want to make sure that the hour you spend at BCCF is the best hour of your day! Expect a light-hearted approach to coaching with an emphasis on creativity. And if the workout is longer than three minutes, you better be pacing!

I have my CF-L1, along with certifications in Adaptive Training and Aerobic Capacity. If you ever have questions about improving your endurance or modifications with workouts, I’m your guy