Bachelor’s Degree inSports Performance/Kinesiology

Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science



Born and raised in Albuquerque, NM Dominic grew up playing all sports as a child, and continued to play baseball all the way through college. His extracurricular activities include anything outdoors, anything with family! Dominic has a passion for all things fitness and hope to further his education as an athlete but more importantly as a coach.

Intro to Crossfit: A friend of mine invited me to his gym after we met through a mutual friend.  I had just finished with my last year of playing baseball so I felt I was in great shape. I was mistaken.

What Dominic has learned about CrossFit: I have learned the body is capable of many things it adapts and does what it needs based off the stress you put it under.  

What Dominic wants people to know about CrossFit: Crossfit is a lot of fun and doesn’t deserve the rep it gets.  When you have quality coaching you get quality results.  

Favorite lift in CrossFit: Thrusters

Least favorite lift in CrossFit: Sumo high pulls

Favorite WOD movement: Anything gymnastics based

Least favorite WOD movement: Running