Irene Estrada

I knew I needed to change things up with my diet, working out wasn’t enough my body had reached a plateau I wasn’t gaining weight but I also was not losing weight. I was on a mission to get stronger, leaner and cut. But, I needed someone to hold me accountable to my goals. I had the pleasure of having Coach Rebekah by my side during the BNT challenge. She not only took the time to help me  figure out what to eat but also helped with the mental aspect. I had my moments of wanting to give up and not continue, but I knew I was going to be accountable every week with weigh-ins. I had to check myself, and realize that I have someone like  Coach Rebekah wanting me to succeed and reach my goals. She’s AWESOME folks! She was a huge part of my success! (Won 2nd Place 😊)

The program works and has continued to keep me on the right path, since I’ve been done with the challenge I continue to eat the same way, I’ll have my cheat meals during the weekend but during the week I’m pretty strict as it  translates in all my workouts, especially when I don’t eat enough. This eat to perform  diet has gotten me some major PRs. Since my time at BCCF and the BNT challenge, my strength has increased dramatically what use to feel heavy does not anymore. For example, my 1 rep max for my push press was 110 but now I can do 5x3 at 125. The BNT challenge isn’t only a quick fix but will help jumpstart a lifestyle change. In all honestly I thought I knew what healthy was but being a part of this program was a major mind shift for me! I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of this program, I’m loving how my body is transforming and how stronger I’m getting each day!
For those of you that are on the fence .. jump already!

Rueben Bravo

I'd spent countless hours training (crossfit), running and lifting weights with no change whatsoever in my body composition. I then decided to try the BNT with Amy as my coach, To say things soon changed would be an understatement. Amy's proficiency in the RP diet, her daily, weekly, monthly motivation made a world of difference in me not only achieving my goals but crushing them. I couldn't have asked for a better coach! I was initially able to lose  12% body fat, 15 pounds in just 6 weeks. During my 2nd round of BNT I continued to drop weight while maintaining my strength. Not only does BNT help you achieve your body composition goals it helps you understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle. I have tried numerous weigh management and diet programs and had never been this successful.  Again, I cannot say enough amazing things about Amy and the BNT crew at BCCF.

-Rueben Bravo

Miranda Blacknall

I can not say enough about Amy!! I've been into Nutrition for a few years now but could never seem to find something that worked for me and an accountability coach that would push me when I needed to be pushed! Amy did both, she helped me fit the BNT lifestyle into my daily life as well as gave me that extra push when I needed it! She was always there whenever I would text with a question! I did the BNT with Amy and have seen huge improvements! Although the scale hasn't changed much, I've lost inches as well as fat and put on muscle, which was my goal! I can not say enough good words about Amy and BCCF.

Miranda Blacknall