Crossfit Kids

The February cycle begins February 5th and ends on March 2nd.  Our Saturday class will be on March 2nd at 10:30am.  

This month our skill focus will be on overhead presses (strict and push press) and accessory skill is the plank.  Our kids have shown great progress in their squats and rope climbs.  We love to see the progress they make every week!



Why CrossFit Kids?

At Bear Canyon, our coaches take the basic principles of CrossFit, and apply them in an age-appropriate way, focusing on neurological, cognitive and fine/gross motor development.  We use skill practice, workouts and games to provide general fitness that will help to increase their abilities in all physical activities and sports.  Each class is an hour long and include elements of gymnastics, weightlifting, bodyweight movements, running, jumping, teambuilding, sportsmanship and more!

Tuesday & Thursday

5:30 – 6:30pm

Last Saturday of the month

11:15am – 12:15pm

First class is always free!  Come see what it’s about!

For more info, contact Coach Kristi or Coach Kelly